Constantly changing and actively searching for my next adventure…

Visit all 195 countries
Go skydiving
See earth from space
Thru-hike the AT
Thru-hike the PCT
Visit & hike the Grand Canyon
Hike to Machu Picchu, PERU
Attend Carnival in Rio
See the Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt
Learn jiu jitsu
Learn to play chess
Graduate college
Road trip across the U.S.A.
Drink a very old, very expense bottle of wine
Go to the airport and choose a destination at random
Visit a nudist beach
Be in 4 states at once
Dive to the Titanic
Change my name
Create a world map with pins
Visit Iceland
Fill all the pages of my passport
Fly a helicopter
Get a sleeve tattoo
Have coffee with a famous person
Go ice fishing
Visit all 50 states
Take an Alaskan cruise
Visit Antarctica
Live by the water
Live in NYC
Live in another country
Work on a crab or fishing boat
Participate in the Bull Run in Spain
Become a scuba diver
Hike Tunnel Bluffs in Vancouver
Kanarra Creek Canyon Waterfall hike
See Banff National Park, Alberta, CAN (Sky Bistro*)
See Yoho National Park, Alberta, CAN
See Moraine Lake, Alberta, CAN
Visit La Push, Washington
Visit Mount Baker-Snoqualmie
See Snoopers Rock, Chattanooga, TN
Angel’s Landing in Zion National Park, Utah
Eat at Avocaderia in Brooklyn, NYC
Backpack across Asia
Visit St. Petersburg, RUSSIA
See the Northern Lights
Stay in Hotel Kakslauttanen, FINLAND
Take a Gondola in Venice, ITALY
Receive a postcard from every country
Write a book
Swim with whale sharks in Cancun